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Welcome to Ring of Fantasia.

HIATUS DUE TO SCHOOL Suki and Akito are in love. Both are struggling with their love and feeling. Wanting to be together that bad but at the same time driving each other crazy. Together moved to Tokyo, starting a new, fresh life A story about Suki, Akito and their friends. Romance/ School Life/ Shoujo quality might be better here: bad english (in beginning) updates are irregular

sorry for the delay >.<

I'm sorry of the delay of Ring of Fantasia >.<
because of school I don't have enough time to draw and there was a week holiday and I decided to take it a bit easy in the holiday
a few pages are drawn, hopefully I can tone them soon

anyway the updates of Ring of Fantasia will be back to normal xD
1 page in a week

posted by sakuradance54 @ February 27th, 2012, 6:46 am   0 comments

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